Storyboard Fountain

The best way to visualize your screenplay.

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Download Mac v0.0.2

Please note: This is beta software. This app is under active early development. Some stuff probably will break / not work. Please let us know by submitting issues on the GitHub page or by Emailing us!

* Wacom tablet not required to use Storyboard Fountain.

Storyboard Fountain makes it easy to visualize a screenplay as fast you can draw stick figures. Quickly visualize to test if a scene works. Create and show animatics to others. Make your movie without the cost of making a movie. Read more...

We started building Storyboard Fountain because the tool we wanted to use simply didn't exist. We are making it better every day. In fact, we have released it open source so you can see the latest version, submit issues, and even make improvements.

Can you apply storyboarding and pitches to the story development process as animation has done? We think so. We would love to hear your feedback to make Storyboard Fountain better!

It's beautifully easy...

1. Open your screenplay or start a new one.

Open your Fountain screenplay, or you can start typing a new one right in Storyboard Fountain.

Scenes, are automatically split and displayed with the action and dialogue as individual elements.

2. Start drawing right in your script.

Use your mouse or Wacom pen to draw directly onto storyboards alongside the elements of your script.

Use the visualizer pencil to quickly sketch out. Use the pen to make some nice black lines. Finish it up by shading with the marker pen.

3. Play it back, pitch it, iterate, and record.

Use the arrow keys to flip through the boards in your script. Add, remove and change boards as you need to.

Once your pitch for a scene is good, you can record it with audio* and tap through while you pitch or just to play around with timing. You can play your recorded scenes back.

A few of the features...

Easy drawing tools work with Wacom

Marker, pencil and pen tools respond to all supported Wacom sensors like pressure, tilt and rotation.

Edit your script in-line

You can edit the script in script view or directly on the boards themselves*.

Quickly go to scenes

All scenes are visible on the side. Quickly go to them by clicking on the margins.

Export to FinalCut or Premiere*

Export your movie to Final Cut XML or Premiere. You can swap your boards out for real video later for an edit.

Export a script/player package

Export your files to be distributed on set to crew, or for playback of the pitches to test audiences.

Record your pitches

Once a scene is done, record your pitch by automatically recording audio and board timing for later playback.

Draw boards quickly

With auto-saving, helpful key shortcuts, and lightbox, you can draw as quickly as you can think.

Works with Fountain

Storyboard Fountain supports the Fountain format, the easiest and most flexible way to create and edit a script.

Boards referenced right in the script

Because the format is Fountain, references to boards are stored in the script in the right place.

Save automatically

Never worry about losing your work. Every action is saved automatically.

* Currently slated for development in next revision: Development Pipeline

Download some sample scripts...

Up, Up, and Away Download Zip

A very cute short film created by Chinese Takeout Films. It features complete boards that were used to produce the film.

Little Red Riding Hood Download Zip

The sample script and boards done for the demo video of the app. The boards are about half done so you can see a work in progress.

Go ahead, make better movies...

That being said...

Storyboard Fountain is developed open source and for free. We would love for more creative tools like this to be free. We can make money by creating great content.

As a result, we are very passionate about the tools we are creating to aid a better process to make a better creative product. We depend on feedback from passionate creative people to make the tools better and define better processes.

We are also fully aware of current limitations of this being an app that more or less requires a tablet. The Venn diagram of people that write scripts and people that work on a computer with a tablet connected is probably very small. In this case, an iPad app would increase the amount of people that could use an application like this immensely.

So if you care passionately, as we do, we would love to get as much of your feedback as possible. If you are a developer and are able to make the creative tool landscape a better place, we would love to have your involvement. Feel free to contact us. Want to talk to us on the phone? Just email us to set up a time. We'd love to chat with you!

Charles Forman and Chris Smoak